We believe the key to a perfect multimedia piece is in its ability to promote user engagement, its ease of comprehension, and its social sharing potential. Each and every one of the featured submissions encompasses all three of these qualities. The pieces of content range from infographic submissions, to videos, to slidedecks.  These are hand-picked for their flawless execution as well as their high-quality content. The pieces, although engaging and design-friendly, do not compromise the quality of the information being showcased.

In order to be considered for a feature, the submitted material must fulfill all listed criteria:

  1. Must feature relevant, informative, quality material
  2. Must have a clean, graphic design
  3. Must be featured on website (own or other)

The featured multimedia content on this site fulfills all listed criteria, and is considered to be the best of its kind. You will find quality content that is engaging, digestible, and shareable, made by and for the best.

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