Marijuana Laws in the US

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This was a great video produced by  Miel & Carr, PLC about Marijuana Laws in the US. You can find the full video here , or watch the embedded version below!



From Youtube:

A marijuana related conviction can have a severe impact on your life. A first conviction for possession can result in suspension of your driver license for 6 months, up to one year in jail, and can prevent you from obtaining federal student aid to attend college. A conviction for selling a small amount of marijuana can result in a prison sentence of up to four years.

With the adoption of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, marijuana has become so prevalent in our culture that police frequently take a casual approach to possession cases. If you have been accused of possession of marijuana, you need a serious criminal defense attorney who understands the law and science relating to marijuana prosecutions. The lawyers at Miel & Carr, PLC understand the testing methods employed by police officers and the Michigan State Police laboratory when testing substances to identify them as marijuana.