Allgreen Properties Impressive Projects in the City

Fast-expanding is an understatement when it comes to describing the growth of Allgreen Properties. What started as the real estate arm of the Kuok Group back in 1986 is now one of the largest property groups in Singapore. Allgreen is currently known for its strong and diversified portfolio of properties all over Asia. From condominiums to residential developments and offices, the company has entered joint ventures all over the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam. In China, it is present in Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu, to name a few. All of which are densely populated places ripe for erecting and cultivating properties. The company has also acquired prime real estate properties in Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau City in Vietnam.

Allgreen Properties Impressive Projects in the City

Continuously proving its prowess and credibility in the industry is Allgreen’s impressive projects and awards garnered from its years of excellent work. Some of which are the Great World City and Tanglin Mall, both located in Singapore. Both properties are attraction by themselves. The Great World City boasts 1.06 million square feet and several office towers and residential areas. While the Tanglin Mall is perfectly located in the junction of Tanglin Road and Grange road, the perfect spot for tourists and residents alike. It also houses nearly a hundred shops, restaurants and services to be enjoyed by approximately 1 million people in the general vicinity.

Allgreen Properties International Awards

As per awards, Allgreen Properties has been a constant recipient of international awards throughout the years of its existence. This includes being awarded the BCA Quality Excellence Award (Developer) Gold for six years straight, starting from 2012. The company has also been the winner of the BCA Construction Excellence Award almost yearly since 2008. Of course, it has also been awarded in Singapore Property Awards back in 2015 and 2016.

Allgreen Properties Luxurious Sky Suites Project

Currently, Allgreen Properties’ projects include the luxurious and grand Sky Suites at Anson in Singapore and the Fourth Avenue Residences. Ambitious in its majesty, Sky Suites at Anson aims to alter the skyline of Singapore, providing a great view of the Marina Bay to anyone lucky enough to enter its premises. Sky Suites promises luxury at every turn, from its Vista Deck to its Club and up to its residential suites, there’s nothing it can’t offer anyone. It inspires everyone to see further, liver richer and explore possibilities. Fourth Avenue Residences on the other hand, offers convenience married with luxury as it is located near the Sixth Avenue MRT Station and near schools, perfect for students and teachers alike.
Much like Allgreen, Sky Suites and Fourth Avenue Residence aims to give consumers everything and all that they need.

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