Estimated 500 Units at Tengah Plantation Loop EC

Estimated 500 Units for Sale at Tengah Plantation Loop EC

Interested buyers will be happy to hear that an estimated 500 units are being offered for sale at Tengah Plantation Loop EC. This development is expected to be completed in about six months. It is a project that aims to provide residential units for the people living in Bukit Batok. In addition, the development will also feature a swimming pool, fitness centre and a clubhouse.

Bukit Batok EC Tender

Located in Bukit Batok, Tengah Plantation Loop EC will be a new residential project with 500 units. The project is expected to be launched in August of this year. The maximum GFA of the property will be 37,348 square meters.

The new EC is expected to be one of the hot properties when it launches. Tengah Town is a prime location, close to major business districts and the Jurong Innovation District. …

Investors Upbeat About HDB Executive Condominium Demand

The current property market in Singapore has become extremely hot, with property prices reaching all-time highs. In fact, HDB flat resale prices have been increasing for 23 consecutive months. Moreover, the Pasir Ris estate has recently witnessed the sale of its first million-dollar flat.

Prices of HDB Executive Condominiums have been on the rise in recent years. However, resale prices have not kept pace with the prices of newly built ECs. HDB prices are based on median house prices, while private condo prices take into account new launches as well as resale prices.

Although it is difficult to predict the exact price of an HDB executive condominium, median listing prices are generally around the same. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are outliers, which positively or negatively affect the average. The median for HDB flats is roughly seven to fourteen percent lower than the average listing …