Now legal notices and disclaimers have to be worded precisely in order to serve their purpose of providing legal protection for the company or individual using them. However another purpose is to provide clarity for people that view the website.

Legal Limited for Companies or Individuals

Companies or individuals find legal notices and disclaimers useful as these define legal limits, as well as providing extra information that customers will find useful. These can also avoid confusion in the first place as people viewing the site will know if that is the place they need to look at, or if they need to go to another website.

Legal Action Against Companies

The highlighting of notices and disclaimers reduces the scope for legal action against companies, though it would not rule it out completely. It does so by pointing out, which company people would need to seek information, and possibly redress from.

Notices and Disclaimers from Website

Notices and disclaimers that are clear on what customers can expect from websites are more informative. In the context of real estate it can outline what role banks, real estate agencies and legal firms have in the process of buying and selling properties. Real estate issues can be complex, and having a website that clarifies what a real estate company does do, and what it leaves for other companies to do is useful.

Limited on Our Company

Disclaimers place limits on what each company is responsible for on its websites, for example stating that it is not responsible for what other companies display, even if that is where links were given originally.

Legal Action Taken Against Company

By defining when they are responsible for information or services, and when they are not means that there is areduced chance of legal actions been taken against them. Most notices and disclaimers are worded in such a way that any party that is considering legal against them will need to contact them first to seek clarity as to what exactly is happening and how that relates to the company’s legal liabilities.

Contact Us Section on Disclaimer

The notices need to be precise, inform the customer about what the site can do, and clarify what it is not in a position to do. It is worth signposting the Contact Us section of the site if people want to find out information that is not included in either the notices or the disclaimer.

The Contact Us section is important, as it provides people with the chance to find out the context of any dealings they have with the company, and it allows the company the opportunity to clarify the issues that people have with it.

Giving people the correct information and outlining the responsibilities the company has avoids confusion. Disclaimers are there to save time, and if read properly higlight when people cannot gain redree from a company.