Privacy Policy

Portable Media Exp) Privacy policy

Portable Media Expo ( Singapore) recognizes the importance of your data protection in your privacy policy.

The Policy represents a description of your data and information that Portable Media Expo handle, the way they process it for specified purposes, and the way Portable Media Expo protect and disclose it. By using Portable Media Expo services, ensure that you read through and understand every detailed information in this document. The privacy statement creates an interaction between you, Portable Media Expo , and the leading service we offer alongside other additional services that we display in our privacy statement.

 Definitions for Services We Provide

For our Policy, Portable Media Expo collects your data by interacting with you through the services we provide. Data can be managed through your direct interaction with you, or by using our existing information that we obtained through our experience in our service provision.

The data we obtain from individuals may not be accurate, but the company can use it, alongside the information that we already have access to. The data will be processed through carrying out operations on the set of data about any detailed information provided either by recording, adaptation, combination, or retrieval of existing data.

Policy on Data Collected

The Policy covers all the online Data or sets of data collected either by Portable Media Expo representatives or from other sources. The information is obtained from all Portable Media Expo touchpoints. These include; its main website, social platforms, mobile applications, among other platforms.

 Personal Data collected

All the collected personal data from individuals will be analyzed, and when it has been considered reasonable, it reserved for processing. The examples of data to be collected for processing include:


-Contact information and identity. This data involves your name and address, nationality or country of residence, national ID number, telephone number, among other detailed personal information.

Types of Data Collected

-Financial data: these are data regarding your payment details such as credit or debit card numbers, bank accounts, or any other payment information.

-Claim information: these are some other personal data such as, fingerprints, photographs, and voice recording that may be necessary when Portable Media Expo need to undertake an investigation.

-Business information: this is information that defines contractual relationships with you and Portable Media Expo .

-Technical, profile, and usage data: these include data such as user profile, passwords, IP address device information to help us know how you use our platforms.

-The information you provide must be personal and not any other person. By giving any other person’s information, you must have a valid authority to do so, and you must be aware of how the information will be used.

Data Collection Methods

Different methods are used in the collection of your data. These include;

-Direct interactions: this is through filling out forms personally, using our web-based platforms, through interviews, application for our products and services, subscribing to our services, among other direct interaction methods.

-Automated interactions: these are through your interaction with our online platforms that we can automatically use to retrieve your Data automatically and technically from your equipment using ensuring server securities, cookies, among other technologies.

-Third-party sources: we can get information from third party organizations e.g., from company agents in your organizations.

-Surveillance system: Portable Media Expo uses authorized surveillance security systems such as CCTV devices installed in our premises as a third party way of data collection.

Why do we need your data

The data collected from you are used to run the company’s daily operations, such as providing you with the relevant and essential services, management and production regulation, company growth statistics, identity verification and security, marketing strategies, customer protection, among other vital uses.

Data disclosure

According to our Policy, your data may be disclosed or transferred for one purpose or another by the following parties: company agents, auditors, law enforcement agencies, among other authorized service providers.

 Personal Data security

We have some procedural and technical measures we use to ensure that your data is secure. Eg.

-ensuring that you secure your account, with unique passwords

-by providing that our servers are secure.

-by restricting access to unauthorized personnel.

Need to access your data

By providing your data, we believe that you take your time to check and verify if the information is correct and valid. Request to change personal information is procedural, and we have the right to poof your identity before we grant you the chance to do so, after which you will pay a reasonable amount for processing your request.

Data retention

Your data will be retained when it is still useful to the company until when the contract is terminated.                                           

 Privacy policy Change

This privacy policy may be amended from time to time. The change may reflect the changes in the way of data processing, and we must communicate to you through this platform or any other communication channel.